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Wilderness competition

Wilderness competition with nature as source for inspiration!

For several years our team combats have been popular features in eventful activities such as conferences, stag parties, team building, birthdays and so on.

It is important that everyone can participate, at least that someone in the team can manage the different charges.

Most missions everyone can perform.

You are under competent guidance!


Clay pigeons

horse shoe disc

Many of us have dreamed to fire off a real weapon - the first charge is shooting Clay Pigeons!

Horseshoe disc is a precision charge. The horseshoes have been worn by successful racehorses – we believe that this brings more luck than “ordinary” horse shoes!


toss a log

The ALVHAGA LABYRINTH is a charge with judgment as a foundation stone. Speed and feeling is the recipe for success!



The old contest TOSS A LOG has been reborn in Alvhaga.

Rope bridge

Bog race

ROPE BRIDGE is a charge where the team has to cross a small bog as quickly as possible. If someone falls down they will not get hurt – but wet!



BOG RACE is a charge that is met with respect – especially among the spectators! Here a video recording is a “must”!

Mountain goat

Axe throwing

MOUNTAIN GOAT is a charge to let your dreams about conquering K2 come true. This mission is less dangerous and above all, quicker!

THROWING AN AXE – something everybody must do – at least once in a lifetime! We have axes with different weight so that everybody can participate.



Canoe race

Steeplechase course

CANOE RACE across lake KVARNSJÖN! A democratic competition where everybody will get equal wet, bank executives and wilderness guides…

Our STEEPLECHASE COURSE can change the most elegant suit into something worn out in world war two… Here the teamwork is important and cooperation a necessity and everybody is an important gear tooth in the machinery.



Balance act

Balance log


STEEPLECHASE – balance log





After a well performed competition we will sit down and EVALUATE THE RESULT. What was done properly and what could have been better to strengthen the moral of the team?




Together with evaluation we can SERVE A MEAL – hotchpotch, soup or why not arrange one of our popular grill parties!
You can SLEEP OVER in big tents or in cosy cottages in the middle of the forest.
If you have special wishes or want us to give a price – mail us here »

Alvhaga Vildmark AB
Alvhaga 104
SE-310 62 FEGEN

Office: + 46 346 61000

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