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Arrival & departure

Normal day of arrival and departure is Saturday. In July and August this is the only possible day to arrive and depart. Guests have access to the houses from 16:00 on the day of arrival and must leave before 10:00 on the day of departure. Before leaving Alvhaga Vildmark a cleaning inspection has to be made. At the same time consumed electricity shall be paid. Alvhaga Vildmark will not give out keys after 21:00. If a guest arrives later there has to be a special agreement between Alvhaga and the guest.

Equipment in the houses

Our houses are fully equipped as for kitchenware and beds for the number of persons written in the description for the actual house.

Bed linen & towels are not included but can be rented from us. Sleeping bags are not allowed!

Cleaning regulations

The guests must leave the houses in the same good condition as they were when they arrived.

Do not forget wet cleaning of all floors and proper cleaning of stove, oven and refrigerator/deep freezer.

Outdoor grill shall be cleaned.

Alvhaga Vildmark is allowed to take a security to cover insufficient cleaning or damage. The amount of this security is SEK 1000.

If guests leave before 08:00 this security will be sent back to the guest providing he/she has given an account number, BIC and IBAN to Alvhaga Vildmark and that the cleaning is properly done.

If cleaning is needed or if there is any damage to house or house equipment this will be deducted from the security. Banking costs for sending the money will also be deducted.

Note that even if final cleaning is ordered the houses must look decent and dishes has to be washed up!

Fishing regulations

Fishing in Alvhaga is catch and release. However, you can bring home fish for eating while in Alvhaga providing it has the right measures.

You are not allowed to bring frozen fish home!

Guests are not allowed to keep any pike smaller than 40 cm or bigger than 75 cm! They must be released and put back in the water immediately.

Boats & engines

Boats and engines are at the guests disposal from day of arrival 18:00.

If guests leave early the boats have to be returned the day before no later than 18:00. If a guest on his day of departure leaves before 9 am (09) boat & engine must be returned no later than 6 pm (18) the day before. The guest must be personally present when returning boat and engine.

Alvhaga Vildmark is allowed to take a security of SEK 1000 for each boat with engine. 2 boats with engine SEK 2000 etc.

If a boat or engine is damaged the full cost for the repair has to be paid by the guest. Damaged (or missing) oars or propellers have to be paid by the guest.


A booking is valid when Alvhaga Vildmark has received 1/3 of the full rent. If the transfer is not registered on our account within one week from the day of booking, the booking is cancelled. The remaining 2/3 has to be registered on Alvhaga Vildmark's account no later than 5 weeks before the agreed day of arrival.

Cancellation of a booking

If a booking is cancelled minimum 31 days before the planned day of arrival a fee of 5% of the total rent for the house
(but minimum SEK 300) has to be paid.

Money will be returned minus this cancellation fee and the Swedish bank fee for returning the payment.

If a booking is cancelled later than 31 days before the planned day of arrival the full rent has to be paid.

Payment in Alvhaga

Please note that we cannot take credit cards - only cash.

If a guest want to pay with DKK or EUR we count hotel rates (10% lower than the bank rates).

No other currencies than DKK, EUR and SEK are accepted!


ALVHAGA is a fantastic place for collecting mushroom in the season!



ULLARED, northern Europe’s largest low price store, is only 25 km from Alvhaga!


SKIING in the winter is mostly possible. Cross country skiing on Alvhaga’s area and prepared trails 10 km from Alvhaga.

Downhill skiing Isaberg - one hour by car from Alvhaga




We rent out canoes and kayaks if some members of your family are more interested in canoeing than in fishing!



Alvhaga Vildmark AB
Alvhaga 104
SE-310 62 FEGEN

Office: + 46 346 61000

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