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Company or group of friends

It is a privilege to reward (Claës-L. Ljung)

företags utflykt

Varberg's court of first instance

You can with confidence locate your small conference or group of friends/family with up to about 50 participants to Alvhaga. Start up conference or staff training, you name it! Or take your family or group of friends to an adventure in nature "in the middle of nowhere" giving that extra bonus that only can be obtained when no visitors find you and you have turned off your cell phone.
A company that finds it worthwhile to reward the staff has something to celebrate! When you want to show your appreciation we will together find a program that suits your fellow employees or your friends celebrating a birthday.

Please look at our wilderness combat!

We are sure you will find something that suits season and your company in the following menu of activities:

  • Canadian canoes
  • Kayak canoes
  • Throw the axe
  • Clay pigeons
  • Camp fire and grilling
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Wandering / trekking
  • Swimming
  • Sleeping in military tent
  • Walk on points
  • Captured in the wilderness
  • Skiing
  • Motorboat tours
  • Moose safari
  • Skating
  • A full day can look like this:
    Arrival in the morning to our lodge directly by a lake where you will be served a good square breakfast. After eating you will go canoeing in lake Fegen. Lunch in our lodge and after lunch a Wilderness Competition with throw the axe, clay pigeon, "swam race", toss a log, canoe race or steeplechase course. In the evening a wild buffet with all accessories! A valued and adventurous day in the middle of nature!

    If you want to stay overnight we can arrange this as well as a steady breakfast!


    Alvhaga Vildmark AB
    Alvhaga 104
    SE-310 62 FEGEN

    Office: + 46 346 61000

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